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Who We Are

The National Foundation for Local Charities, Inc. (“NFFLC”) is a non-profit organization that endeavors to promote giving back to the community through non-profit organizations that reflect the interests of local communities. The Foundation supports a variety of non-profit causes across the United States through our partnership with Cause Travel, where traveling supports the chosen causes. Those who serve NFFLC have it in their hearts to give and are united as one through the idea of helping others. One hundred percent (100%) of the funds generated by NFFLC are directly passed on to the supported causes. We are proud to work together to make a difference by doing the right thing, even when no one else is looking.

The National Foundation for Local Charities, Inc. is a Florida non-profit corporation.

What We Do

Local charities typically rely entirely on the generosity of the general public and businesses to enable them to continue their essential work. In the current economic times we know it is not easy to support and run a local charity; so we have partnered with Cause Travel as a method to help local charities by offering everyone an extra opportunity to support their important work. That is why NFFLC was created; through our partnership with Cause Travel we can generate funds by people doing something they are already doing, at the same guaranteed low price, funds can go directly to these important local charities from every travel booking made, without requiring out of pockets cost to the supporters.

Why not encourage your employees to support local charities by redirecting their travel dollars to help others. People tend to think there is nothing they can do to help solve world problems, but that is far from correct; you can now make a difference by booking travel through one of our NFFLC websites! Cause Travel has over 700,000 hotels who have offered to help NFFLC charities by guaranteeing the lowest rates available and donating up to 5% of each booking back to our charities.

NFFLC works with each community to engage local businesses and employees to support their local charities by booking through the local NFFLC Cause Travel Site. 100% of the donations received from Cause Travel will be distributed to the local charities where the travel was generated from.

Who We Support

Who Supports Us

The following is a list of local businesses who have dedicated their support by booking travel accommodations through our site and encouraging their employees, business partners and business associates to book their travel accommodations at a local NFFLC website.

  • X8 Brands, LLC
  • Nutrapharma Corporation
  • Innovative Web Ventures, Inc.
  • Virtual Private Physicians Network, Inc.
  • TCN International Corporation
  • Fantasy Golf Tour, Inc.
  • Every Good Cause, Inc.
  • Gift and Save Inc.
  • Entertainment, Inc.

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National Foundation for Local Charities, Inc.
1530 SW 13th Court
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Phone: (954) 633-8316

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